Average Indian food with the mega prices


This eatery in a PJ suburb has been graced by VVIPs, food connoisseurs, wannabe food bloggers and many more people from all walks of life. Situated just beside a famous school, the spacious corner shoplot with some big trees has become synonymous with local Indian food. Perhaps its easy accessibility and windy atmosphere contributed to its outstanding popularity with diners. The banana leaf rice, priced from RM6 (with real banana leaves) is a top draw, as is its much acclaimed bouncy bally roti canai.

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The front of the shop is where the real smokey action is. A simple deep frying spot with fresh fish & meats at your service.


There is always a big endless crowd, like celebrating some kind of post Mayan mis-catastrophe so it would seem.


The food tho (especially the cholesterol-free curries ) IMHO is so so only but, the price is… very above average, like the teh tarik RM1.80 when normal shops sell for RM1.50 or less. Something to do with a celebrity status ?

Heck ! Even the high end PM (& by golly, the Wife ) were here some time ago.

Raju Restaurant
Jalan Chantek, Off Jalan Gasing
Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.099 E101 39.226
Business hours: Mon-Sun (6.30am to 10pm)
Tel: 03-7956 1361

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